Shopping centers

Rävala Gallery

  • Low voltage, extra low voltage and automation installations
  • Gross area: 70,000 m2
  • 70,000 m2 of reconstructed buildings, which are connected to each other through the courtyard galleries. The buildings will have office and commercial spaces, also cozy cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the old town and the park below.

Norde Centrum extension

  • Low voltage and extra low voltage installations
  • Gross area: 22,600 m2
  • Norde Centrum extension focuses mainly on the people coming from the port by creating a more convenient entrance for them. As a result, the shopping center is expected to increase the overall attractiveness of the area between the port and the city. Additionally, the facade of the building will be complemented with modern lighting solutions.

Porto franco

  • Low voltage and extra low voltage installations
  • Gross area: 170,000 m2
  • Porto Franco will be built into a multifunctional centre and will have office, apartment and commercial surfaces. The concept of the park will not be so much resolved by lush vegetation, instead it will envelope modern human design for the built environment, creating a myriad of innovative spatial solutions.

Ülemiste Center extension

  • ylemisteExtra low voltage installation (video surveillance and access control system, fire system, communications network, Voice evacuation system EN54, time transmission system)
  • Gross area: 26 000 m2
  • After completion, Ülemiste Center has become the largest and most diverse fashion and family center in Estonia. During engineering, we had to account the existing systems and find solutions for systems to cooperate. The extension was planned to have four fire centres and the video system 10 video recorders. It was also intended to have 10 amplifiers with backup amplifiers for EN 54 Voice evacuation system.