Commerical and office buildings

Joint ministry (Superministeerium)

  • Disciplines: ventilation, heating, water system, sewerage, low voltage, medium voltage, extra low voltage, automation, utility networks installations
  • Gross area: 25,000 m2
  • A joint building of four ministries, which is designed in a modern and energy-efficient way with an optimized use of space.

Maakri high-rise building


  • Low voltage installations
  • Gross area: 30,000 m2
  • The high-rise building will consist of 30 storeys. It will have premium class office buildings and commercial premises, which will all be unique as the new building will emerge from an historical factory building below, and thus will perfectly fit into the city’s accustomed image.

Luther Furniture Factory machine room

  • Low voltage, extra low voltage and automation installations
  • Gross area: 6,500 m2
  • With three long naves, the machine room is located in a large industrial building in the U – shaped plan of the north wing, and will be renovated into a unique office space. In the middle of the building, there will be a large atrium and it will have a lovely rooftop terrace. The building has a unique architecture in Estonia in its roof lighting and an innovative monolithic reinforced concrete frame scaffold.

Piima tn 6/8 high-rise office buildings

  • Low voltage, medium voltage, extra low voltage and automation installations
  • Gross area: 34,000 m2
  • They will be modern high-rise buildings (15 and 14 storeys), which will be connected by an underground part with 2 underground parking floors. The buildings are designed with energy-saving solutions, and planned to obtain a class B energy performance certificate.