ITK Engineering Company is focused to provide design of all building service systems.

Our staff is experienced in designing technical communications for various types of buildings, including apartment houses, office buildings, trade centers, public buildings, educational institutions, as well as complex industrial buildings requiring unique knowledge and experience.

We have expanded our target market, and are currently offering our services from offices in Finland and Norway. However, we have taken part in projects in a wide-range of countries like Russia, Italy, France and several countries in Africa.

ITK Engineering Company was established with an aim to offer its clients optimal technical design based on functional solutions. We have excellent cooperation and long-term know-how-based partnership relations with installation companies and various suppliers of security, control and monitoring systems. In addition, our engineers participate in commissioning and supervisory activities in order to find the best solutions and gather practical know-how. To commit our work we are always using the latest software solutions and BIM technology.

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